Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rip it: 3 way

Rip its to me are like candy to kids, I love finding new ones, their all colorful and cheap and they taste like candy too.

Taste- Its okay, or a little better than okay but not for a berry drink. It reminds me of the agave full throttle but that drink is more crisp, refreshing and you get a good mix of citrus, agave and berry. This is more like blah; HFCS with some kind of artificial berry flavoring. But what can you expect for a dollar. Its still worth every penny but its third to last for the rip its with g force and then f bomb being the worst. I cant deny that I still enjoy drinking it.


Buzz- There is no better feeling than having a adrenaline rush from working out at the gym and having a nice hydration energy drink like rehab or rockstar recovery. That really has nothing to do with this drink but I wanted to let you guys know. Try it sometime. Rip its are so unhealthy but fun to drink. 1010 mgs taurine. 102 mgs caffeine. 100 mgs inositol and 3 mgs gaurana. 6 mgs vitamin B12. 400 mgs folic acid. 2 mgs B6 and 70 mgs vitamin C. The odd numbers are funny, maybe they think that they can deceive you into thinking its a lot more.. idk. But that gaurana isn't going to do shit.


Total amount of mgs-1693

Over all rating-7/10

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