Friday, March 27, 2009

Bookoo:jugo by Nolan

I had this back when I wasn't collecting and threw it out and then I found it in the can bin,I was so happy especially since they don't make this any more.

Taste-Juicy to the extreme,its 99% juice,I don't even see how that's possible,its got carbonation and other stuff so hmmm.Its got a blend of 5 juices,white grape,passion fruit,orange,guava and papaya juices.Its the perfect juice blend and its actually not to sweet.


Buzz-AMAZING 3536 mgs vit.a,3472 mgs beta carotene,60 mgs vit.c,2 mgs thiamine,1.7 mgs riboflavin,24 mgs niacin,6 mgs vit.b6,512 mgs folate,5 mgs vit.b12,5 mgs pantothenic acid,30 mgs calcium,26 mgs phosphorus,10 mgs potassium and 1000 mgs taurine!


Total amount of mgs-8,690 but its not the best I do have drinks that go into the 10 thousands.

Over all rating-9.5/10

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  1. they have it at a local store i chicago, i got one, i didn't like it :/