Thursday, January 3, 2013

Organic Energy

Another drink from the health food store.

Taste-Apparently this drink has a gold taste award that looks very unofficial, lets see if it deserves one.. Not so much but its still pretty good. Its flavored with agave nectar, pomegranate and elderberry juice. Elderberry is a berry from the northern hemisphere that's poisonis if eaten raw. he shrub is know to ward off evil spirits. It makes a good syrup and berry for wine and fanta also makes a flavor based off the syrup called shokota. I have to give this points for using the berry and being organic and all that.


Buzz-Contains organic ginseng, 135 mgs organic gaurana, green tea and green coffee bean. Plus something called "organic energy TM" strange they don't say what it is.


Over all rating-6/10

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