Friday, March 20, 2009

Her:sugar free by Nolan

The strangest thing happened when i drank this.First my penis fell off,then i grew boobs,and then I had the sudden need to go shoe shopping!It was scary,but then i drank a beer smoked a stogie and watched porn and every thing was back to normal.

Taste-It says pink lemonade on the can,and that's what it tastes like for the first split second and then you taste nothing but aspartame.Its odd it almost like this drink doesn't even have any taste at all,il have to see what the regular is like.


Buzz-This has some really bad ingredients.Gum arabic(an addictant) is ingredient #6,not only that but this drink has bromanated vegetable oil.In other words chemicalized vegetable oil .t EDTA i dont exactly know what that is but i think its bad.But besides the bad stuff this drink has a great energy blend...NOT!2% RDA calcium,90% RDA vit.c,70% RDA vit.b6,70% RDA vit.b12,25% RDA niacin.


Over all rating-2/10

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