Monday, March 23, 2009

Venom: Death Adder review by Nick

Every one of their drinks have a unique taste, I'm wondering whether that taste is actual venom. I love the venom logo, those fangs are sweet, and the bottle is so epic; it's a lot thicker than a regular can and keeps your Venom carbonated.

Taste - The best fruit tasting punch energy drink I've had. Most of them are WAY too sweet but, this one is just right. It exactly like it says, like Venom + fruit punch, i say this because it still has that unique Venom taste. When you get down to the bottom the Venom taste starts taking over and your mouth gets dry and sticky. Still, It's a great tasting drink, that is, if you like fruit punch.
RATING - 7.5/10

Buzz - The blend here looks a lot like monsters but just doesn't add as much stuff. Just an average buzz.
RATING - 5/10



  1. My favorite energy drink on the market. Tried both new flavors the other day at a local grocer. Suprised I liked the Mango. The fruit punch was awesome! Great flavor! Need to find more 55 cent coupons before they expire and stock up! I wouldn't be suprised to see the two new flavors actually outsell the regular and locarb from Venom Energy. I hope they come out with a killer grape flavor next. Monster Mixxxd was such a dissapointment to me, would like to see someone have a good one.

  2. Death Adder is really just a different kind of energy drink. All 3 real Venoms (besides lo-carb) are very solid drinks in my opinion.

    PS: Amen to the Mixxd dissapointment! What a gross and low-kick drink that stuff is.

  3. this is my 2nd favorite energy drink, monster being the best. this has a great kick for when i'm headed to the gym. i think this is truly a solid drink.

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