Saturday, July 21, 2012


I love drinks like this! Totally obscure rare drinks that your not sure if its 100% safe to drink. Apparently this drink has been out for 25 years and its not considered a energy drink but a bionic drink. Don't know what that means but its Asian and I'm sure they put a bunch of crazy things in here to give you that perfect zen.

Taste-Nothing like I expected. Its a goopy green looking color but is actually has a thin refreshing feel with a crisp flavorful taste. Kinda similar to hansons pro but more of a bubble gum pop taste. Not bad at all!


Buzz- Its completely in Japanese so I had to actually test it out. I played a nice game of basketball got really tired then chugged this. I don't know if it was my body or this but I was on my feet again within minuets ready to go. I know for sure it didn't give me the typical hardcore buzz like monsters and amps and those kind of drink do but like I said I'm sure this has A LOT of natural herbs and vitamins. I mean Asians are the ones who discovered a lot of them like ginseng and ginko biolba.


Over all rating-6.75/10


  1. Where Can I buy this?

  2. my friend got it at some asain market in chicago