Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bad boy:low carb by Nolan

When I first saw this drink I really wanted it cuz of the cool look,many would say it looks stupid but I like it,so there!Yay for edjunkie.

Taste-Very odd,I can say it has vitamin wheatyness throughout the drink,and like no back end just like hooters,not perfect but not bad.I know Ive never tasted this taste before.It actually gets better as it gets warmer.


Buzz-This gave me so much clarity,and so fast,I was playing my crash bandicoot and I was powning ass,I could think so fast and I just felt good.I think this came from the crap load of glucuronalctone 576 mgs of it,its also got 1000 mgs taurine,83 mgs caffeine,48 mgs inositol,20 mgs maltidextrin and 100% RDA niacin pantothenic acid,vit.b12,vit.b6 and riboflavin.


Over all rating-5/10

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