Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blue ox

So with generic odd rare looking drinks like this you can only expect one thing and that is it will either be really good or really bad.

Taste-Swore it was going to be a red bull clone even tho that's a ox not a bull.But instead of a red bull clone its a pepsi blue clone or for you nubs who don't know what that is it also tastes just like jolt blue.But with some vitamin wheatyness of course.


Buzz-I love when drinks put what the energy mgs do on the side.4.8 mgs niacin. 0.5 mgs Vit.B6.2.9 mgs Vit.B12 and 2.4 mgs pantothenic acid.952 mgs taurine.76 mgs caffeine.48 mgs inositol and 40 mgs ginseng and gaurana.


Total amount of mgs-1,166.6

Over all rating-7/10


  1. Where in the hell did you find a Blue Ox? That company went out of business years ago

  2. at a gas station the size of my closet

  3. DUDE! you found an original Blue OX! They disappeared after Red Bull sued em and they changed their name to Blox...
    DO you think energy drinks lose taste or potency if they are years old?

  4. I want a blox now,I bet they are hard to find