Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Thanks cat for finding me this and risking your life on the west side.Now I will risk my life drinking it.

Taste-So wow this drink expired 3 years ago,I am so hasetant to drink it,I might die but I am willing to die for my readers!Well it doesnt taste that bad at all it really just tastes like sour water and when you burp you get a nice jollee rancher taste like the original.Its not sugar free tasting but its not as flavorfull as the original.


Buzz-Nothing really to give you a major boost.100% RDA vit.C,niacin,Vit.B12,riboflavin,Vit.B6,pantothenic acid.250 mgs d-ribose.100 mgs inositol.100 mgs gaurana.80 mgs caffeine and 7 mgs taurine lol.


Over all rating-6.75/10

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