Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sleepy head

I was already falling asleep on the train ride home from Chicago when we had to drive an hour back to Rockford from Harvard. But I wanted to have some fun so i drank this in the car and tried to see how long I could fight it. (Don't worry I was not driving.)

Taste- Ill quote my friends. Tyler; "What is this concoction of putrid filth?" Cat; "Tastes like piss and coffee" Jacob; "owiehcwecpm". And I agree with cat it was disgusting! But that was from the valarian root which smells like dirty socks but works like magic. So even a little can make it taste like your drinking piss. I had to plus my nose to get the 4 ounces down.


Sluzz- Yeah I couldnt stay up long after but I was tired as hell either way. I was a zombie walking into the house and I just said fuck it and passed out on the couch. This drink contains 278 mgs valarian, GABA and melatonin. Ive mentioned valarian and GABA to you guys before but melatonin can come from animals, plants or microbes. It comes natural in all of us mammals and is considered the hormone of darkness. It can cure basically about everything imaginable that you wouldnt want to have. Including insomnia. There isnt enough valarian or GABA to be effective but even 8 mgs of melatonin can help. Im not sure how much of just that is in here but it worked for me I guess.


Total amount of mgs-278

Over all rating-3/10


  1. so this dink would be effectibe for those that want to sleep then?

  2. Hey, tried sleepyhead after reading your post (the concept alone was worth a shot I thought). Actually was surprised by the taste. I got more of Worthers Original vibe, which wasn't too bad, but thats besdies the point. I think it actually worked. I can't sleep worth a dam and this helped. Thanks for the post, Nolan.

  3. I love your blog! I have been drinking Blue Frog for a long time, and want to find something cheaper. Looking at the FRS stuff. Found info about both here. I'm glad you're a energy drink guru, cause I don't want to be one. I just want something to start the day off right with. And I found your reviews helpful and interesting.

  4. Thank you for the kind words mr happy! You should link me on your blog!