Tuesday, March 24, 2009

180: Orange Citrus Blast review by Nick

You can actually spin this can 180 degrees on the y-axis and the label is still face up. I'm not sure why they would name this drink 180...maybe for energy around the clock, idk. A pretty good tasting pseudo-juice drink.

- Pseudo-juice drinks can be good too. This one tastes a lot like rip it citrus x but more like actual orange juice. When i drank this, I chugged the whole thing; it left a pretty good orange taste in my throat.
RATING - 8/10

Buzz - WOW....WOW....How do they expect this drink to give you any energy? I mean really, this drink ONLY contains vitamin B6 & B12 and an unknown amount of guarana. They really should of added more stuff; this is one of the weakest drinks I've ever had.
RATING - 0.5/10


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  1. Ok, im the biggest REDBULL fan alive, however, im pregnant right now and you can't have all the extra stuff that engergy drinks have in them. 180 engergy drink is the ONLY engergy drink ive found that doesnt have the pregnancy warning label on it, so im happy and impressed. I dont care if it only has vitamin B6 & B12, and "unknown" amounts of guarana, this shit rocks to a pre-pregnancy engergy drink addict. It gives me just enough kick to keep me going when the hormones have got my ass dragging. I love it.