Saturday, April 11, 2009

VWR boost by Nolan

This company is so cool( they let you make your own design and put it on a energy drink,at a decent price.This can and 3 more to come were just some examples sent to me,this must of been made for some business.And you get to edit your design pretty well its got tons of things on it.
Taste-The first initial taste it good but then it turns into a really weird after taste,and then after you keep drinking the after taste turns into a taste that tastes like your drinking salt water,like really concentrated salt water,its a really odd nasty sweet red bull clone.
Buzz-Not to bad,you think they would of just skiped out on this.20 mgs niacin,5 mgs vit.b6,4.8 mgs vit.b12,5 mgs pantothenic acid.A side note 200 mgs sodium,dang.1000 mgs taurine,75 mgs glucuronolactone,75 mgs caffeine,50 mgs ginseng,50 mgs guarana,25 mgs l-carnitine and 25 mgs inositol.
Total amount of mgs-1,339
Over all rating-4.75/10

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