Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Its time to get herbal!

Taste-Eh maybe not. The last thing anybody wants to drink is plain ol carbonated water, but that's basically what this is. With a little hint of ginger, it says pomegranate ginger but there is no pom juice at all in this, but there is white grape juice which should help the flavor but it doesn't. So basically this is carbonated water.


Buzz-So in order to restore your body and soul we got 4 interesting herbs, flowers and berry's. honeysuckle, nettleleaf, elderflower and elderberry. Ok then? The only thing honeysuckle is used for is a natural cough medicine. And nettleleaf is only a good source of fiber. Elderflower is just used for the flu or to lower a fever. Then elderberry is used for antioxidant activity, to improve vison, boost the immune system, improve heart health and help colds. Well I guess you should drink this when your feeling sick not when you need energy. Still some cool ingredients but I'm guessing not enough.


Over all rating-3.75/10

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