Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stoked:tropical orange

Stoked had some really unique drinks,its a shame they went out of bisiness.R.I.P stoked. You will be missed.

Taste-Talk about sugar,70% juice and the only juice is grape juice but the taste is hardly grape and the color of the liquid is orange? Way too sweet for my likening but for just being grape juice it doesn't seem that bad.


Buzz-1.5 mgs riboflavin.20 mgs niacin.5 mgs vit.B6.5 mgs vit.B12 and 5 mgs pantothenic acid.80 mgs caffeine,50 mgs inositol.1000 mgs taurine.600 mgs glucuronolactone(DANG!) 200 mgs ginseng(HOLY CRAP!) and 5 mgs gaurana...That is a record amount of ginseng and glucuronolactone,pick one of these up for a real unique boost!


Total amount of mgs-1,968.50

Over all rating-6.25/10

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