Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just love the look of this baby blue can.To bad the taste isn't as appealing.

Taste-Theres really no taste at all.But there is hints of expired artificial melon tastes.It says watermelon blueberry but I couldn't see the relation at all.Its not bad for a sugar free drink even tho you can defiantly tell it is.


Buzz-So this one is renew,replenishes your body and helps you get back on your feet.So is there electrolytes in here?500 mgs l-arginine.1000 mgs l-glutamine and 18 mgs acerola cherry.6% RDA Vit.C.100% niacin,Vit.B12 and pantothenic acid.10% zinc,magnesium and selenium.200% Vit.B6.20% thiamin and 30% chromium.Acerola is a super fruit that is very rich in vitamin c and is a very good anti-oxidant in fact it is the domestic fruit with the most anti-oxidants.And it looks like a basic cherry and almost tastes like one.


Over all rating-7/10

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