Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inko's white tea energy by Nolan

So what is white tea? Its not what it sounds like,its just a baby green tea leaf,so its just like weak green tea.I don't get the point of it because you don't get nearly as much anti oxidants or good stuff and it doesn't taste as good.

Taste-Very lemony,way to much lemon.But there using crystalline fructose and all natural stuff so thumbs up for that,but just way to lemony to be perfect.If you drink a lot of them then you get used to it and it gets more enjoyable.


Buzz-It says it has the perfect amount of caffeine so you still get a lot of energy but your body handles it well so you don't get jitters.It has 92.4 mgs of caffeine from tea and 20% RDA vitamin c.I don't think that's enough to be called an energy drink,but you know its good if you want something light.


Over all rating-5/10


  1. If you like arsenic in your drink then you are fine with Crystalline Fructose. Don't be fooled by the super HFCS. read this