Friday, June 15, 2012

Shockwave: Restore

Posers alert! We got an obvious monster rehab clone here.

Taste- Not bad. This flavor must be easy to pull off because original rehab, low cal Arnold Palmer and other generic rip offs have all tasted good. Not as good as monster of course but it bring you what you want. Refreshing for those hot summer days and not sticky sweet but just enough flavor. Monsters might have a little more umph but this is close enough.


Buzz- We have a surprising amount of some key ingredients in this drink but not enough ingredients in general and no actual electrolytes like monster rehab has. So this is more like a basic energy drink. 2710 mgs taurine (wow) 480 mgs glucuronolactone (damn!) 160 mgs caffeine. 100 mgs inositol. 40 mgs niacin. 10 mgs vitamin B6 (500% rda!!) 9.6 mgs vitamin B12 and 10 mgs vitamin B5.


Total amount of mgs-3469.6

Over all rating-8.25/10

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