Sunday, August 30, 2009


So on my way back from the Illinois railroad museum in Union Illinois I stoped at this town called Marango in which every little quick stop had these airforce drinks.Its odd like only that town sold these drinks.But if you love trains like I do you need to visit that train museum,it is so cool.You can ride trains from the holocaust!

Taste-Its one of those sugar free berry drinks with the harsh sucrolose taste.But the harshness wasn't that bad in here.The can says black cherry plus apple but they use elderberry and choke berry juice for flavor.Its pretty refreshing I guess.


Buzz-Each flavor does something different,like this one is called flex so it has good things for your joints.But carbonation isn't good for your joints lol.600 mgs glucosamine.300 mgs chondroitin.20 mgs l-lysine and l-proline and 150 mgs ginseng.Also 200% RDA Vit.B6 and B12.10% magnesium and 10% zinc.


Over all rating-8/10

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