Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beaver buzz:citrus

Beaver buzz is a great energy drink company, you Canadians probably don't even realize it.

Taste-Maybe I just love all energy drinks too much but this is without a doubt dam good! Its that great citrus flavor you can only find in energy drinks. It has a natural woodsy Canadian taste too it which just makes it even more delicious.


Buzz-1424 mgs taurine. 188 mgs caffeine. 124 mgs gaurana. 142 mgs ginseng. 8.7 mgs vitB6. 2.5 mgs vitB2. 26 mgs vitB12. 3563 ui vitA and 14.5 ui vitE. This is per can (12oz)


Total amount of mgs-1915.2

Over all rating-8/10

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