Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monster: Muscle - Chocolate

So here we go with what I wish I could say was one of my most anticipated drinks but like always these came out of nowhere. I just noticed that, isn't it funny how all energy drink company's pop their new drinks out of nowhere. No time for advertisement or getting people excited for something new.

Taste-These are great for the gym, in fact if you don't work out then you shouldn't be drink these lol. But I cant really see myself drinking this "while" working out because of how thick it is. It is tasty though, not as good as my chocolate carnivore I take after the gym. That shit taste like liquid brownies and it isn't thick and nasty like this can be. If you're in a shake mood and you love richer creamy drinks then of course you will love these but on a rating for energy drink and not protein shakes I cant say I can give it a great score because its just not something I would love to drink anytime. But for canned protein shakes, its the best one Ive ever had.


Buzz-25 Grams of protein is a nice amount. All body types are different for how much protein their body will ingest at one time but the general number is 30. You should ingest whatever your body weight it everyday. Plus we get a full dose of the monster blend with 152 millagrams of caffeine and all you're B vitamins. If you ask me you cant really get better than that and Ive been asking for these drinks for years. I should have just workout for monster 2 years ago and created these so I could be rich :/


Over all rating-8.75/10

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