Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arizona:caution low carb by Nolan

Today Ill start out with this,it a really rare drink that they don't even make any more so its even more rare,but when I was in doubt my friend ed junky came to my rescue and got me this plus the original and alot more drinks that Ill be reviewing.

Taste-Just like carbonated arizona black tea,with a minor splenda taste.Its kinda weird at first but then it grows on you.And at the end it might get a tad sour.


Buzz-Decent,100% RDA vit.c,b6,b12 and pantothenic acid.1000 mgs taurine,100 mgs caffeine,250 mgs d-ribose,100 mgs l-carnitine,100 mgs panex ginseng,100 mgs inositol,100 mgs guarana,100 mgs glucuronolactone and 35 mgs milk thistle.


Total amount of mgs-1,885

Over all rating-7.5/10

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