Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arizona:green tea-diet-pomegranate by Nolan

Cool now we got some pomegranate flare to the diet version,hope its not as bad.

Taste-Cant even tell its diet,or pomegranate.It doesn't really taste like pomegranate more like apple but I guess pomegranate juice is the third ingredient! But you could think of this as a treat for your senses.


Buzz-50% RDA vit.C.100% vit.B6.100% vit.B12.100% pantothenic acid.1000 mgs taurine.80 mgs caffeine.100 mgs ginseng.100 mgs inositol.100 mgs gaurana.100 mgs glucuronolactone.35 mgs milk thistle.


Over all rating-7.75/10

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  1. the top of that can is fucked up lol