Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This drink has been on my wishlist for quite sometime. Energy drinks like this is what makes me keep collecting.

Taste- When the drink is called radioactive, you know you got a winner! It says it glows in the dark so I took the drink poured it in a glass, let it sit in the light and took it to the basement. But nope neither the can or the drink started glowing. I want to say red bull clone but I cant at all, actually its more of a rockstar flavor but not as good. (I love original rockstar) and it doesn't look as radioactive as I thought it would. Some drinks out there look like ghostbuster slime.


Buzz- This is a real energy drink with a real buzz. You don't see them being made much anymore. 200 mgs gaurana. 25 mgs inositol, l-carnitine and ginseng. 20 mgs ginko. 125% riboflavin. 50% B3,B5 and B6. 2,600% B12 (the RIGHT amount) and 60% vitamin C.


Over all rating-7/10

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