Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cintron:cranberry splah

Ya know my friends dad was talking to me the other day and he says ya know I heard energy drinks make your penis small, and I was like what if thats true? I need to get some info on this. Well it turns out theres really not any legit enformation on it, some say maybe, some say yes and a lot more say it makes it bigger. From personal experiance I cant really say, hahaha.

Taste-An amazing explosion of flavor in your mouth! But keep in mind I was high and this already looked really good from the start. It tastes like the perfect fruit punch with a nice amount of cranberry juice flavor. Too bad these are disconinued or I would keep buying them.


Buzz-Lacking here. Im sure this drink wont make your penis smaller or larger. 100% RDA niacin. 50% pantothenic acid. 250% vitB6 and 80% vitB12.


Over all rating-5/10

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