Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rip it: Javamite

Rip it just pops out baby rip its like its nobody's business. This is the first time one came out that I actually didn't hear about at all whatsoever.

Taste-NOT AGAIN! I'm sick of finding this shit! here I go again thinking I'm about to get some great creamy cold coffee, but no! Its shitty ass dark black coffee carbonated with HFCS. Maybe its just an acquired taste but I have not acquired it yet. This is a bit better than the Joe Derandi Arizona mess. Not as bitter and a little more tolerable.. Maybe I am acquiring the taste?


Buzz-Rip it is known for bullshitting their cheap ass ingredients. On the old ones they used gurana but added more for the caffeine mgs since its twice as strong. This is pure coffee and 90 mgs worth and thats how much the caffeine content says. 90 mgs caffeine. 1010 mgs taurine 100 mgs inositol. 3 mgs gaurana. 70 mgs vitamin C. 2 mgs vitamin B6. 400 mgs folic acid. 10 mgs vitamin B12.

Total amount of mgs-1,638


Over all rating-4.75/10

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