Thursday, March 15, 2012

Starbucks: White Chocolate

Its been a couple years since I've seen a new one from these big shots. Who buys these? I've never seen someone drink one. Cant believe they are still on shelf's.

Taste-When I saw it my first thought was, what a great idea for a flavored coffee, white chocolate. It sounds delicious huh? I should have known better. It was just like all the others, mediocre in every way. It doesn't taste bad at all but you cant taste any "white chocolate" unless you kind of taste real hard haha.


Buzz- 100% of about 3  your 5 b vitamins. 900 mgs taurine. 90 mgs inositol. 163 mgs ginsing. 45 mgs gaurana and check this out. I've noticed maltodextrin in energy ingredients before and I noticed this one had a shocking amount so I decided to research it again and I guess its just a liquid starch base they use to give the drink a creamy texture. It has nothing to do with giving you energy. Its just processed corn and this drink has 1000 mgs of it in the "energy blend" how stupid.


Over all rating-6.5/10

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