Sunday, March 15, 2009

Red bull sugar free-Nolan

Gross! Red bull sugar free,it makes you scream when you think of it with its artificial taste and sourness.I don't know if i've ever had a worse tasting sugar free drink. And with the price always a dollar over 12 oz energy drinks this is sure a big rip off.I don't know why red bull has stayed so popular over these years with additions like monster and Rockstar,i mean any thing is better than red bull!

Taste-Like i said very artificial with the only sweetener being ace-k,NASTY! And the carbonation goes flat after 8 avoid this drink at all costs.Even when its your only option.

Buzz-awful all it is is b vitamins and panothenic acid.140% RDA nacian,120% RDA vit.b12,360% RDA vit.b6,70% RDA pantothenic acid.This will probably give you an hour of slight energy.
Total amount of mgs-cant tell it only has RDAs but its not much,decent amount of b vitamins.
Overall rating-2.3/10

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