Friday, April 10, 2009

Dead Red Xcelerator: Diet review by Nick

The name and cover are pretty sweet. The fire at the bottom makes this look like one mean drink. I wish i could get a hold of the original, all i could get was this diet version.

- This tastes like cranberry juice with a little strawberry and cherry flavor. This one has that strong sugar free taste. That the main reason why this drink doesn't taste all that great.
RATING - 4/10

Buzz - This drink has a decent blend. It's got: 1500mg of taurine, 300mg guarana, 37mg of inositol, 37mg of camitine, 37mg of ginseng extract, 30mg of milk thistle, and 22mg of ginkgo. Alot of 37s there. it's got some decet ingreidients but just not enough of them.
RATING - 6/10


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