Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Xs:rootbeer by Nolan

Man they make a lot of these,at least 15.

Taste-Like a&w but better,its like a&w sugar free but with all the flavor.Hay you could make an energy rootbeer float!


Buzz-Dang this was the first drink since wired 505 to give me chest pains,it wasn't bad but theres nothing that strong in this drink...besides.4,900% RDA vitamin b12.But like I said before it doesn't matter because it just get flushed right past your liver,that's why they put so much,to make you think its strong.It also has 300% RDA vitamin b6 and 100% vit.b5 and 3 and 1.5 mg protein.And that's it so I don't know what caused that,well I kinda did chug it.But it does have a shit load of b12 so I have to give it a good rating.


Over all rating-9/10

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