Monday, February 1, 2010

Full throttle:blue agave-new formula

Okay I now got the straight scoop on the new full throttle deal. Full throttle isn't made by coke anymore its now distributed by fuze beverages which is the same company that has nos. No big differences in the new drinks just a new face.

Taste-Again they took the original and just made it better, its that same addicting unique agave taste but without the cardboard flavor that made the old blue demon version bad. BUT. Just like original full throttle I'm not a big fan, just preference. You guys would probably like it more than me.


Buzz-No point in drinking this for the energy. 100 mgs caffeine, d-ribose and niacin. 100% RDA vitB6, B12 and pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-5.25/10

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