Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Max Velocity: Cherry Limade

Out today for traffic court in a little friendly town called Oregon and I came across a super market so I decided to make the trip worth it and check it out. I just so happened to find two new max velocity drinks and the blue pomegranate one that was thrown away last time. This super marker, or I should say "neighborhood grocery store" was so friendly, it seemed like I was in the 50's. Everybody in the store was talking to each other and the cashier asked me for paper or plastic. Kind of made me wish I lived there.

Taste- Nothing special. Its what you would come to expect for a dollar. Tasted like it was just missing something. I know this would make a great mixer but as a regular drink it wasn't full bodied enough for me to enough it over something like blue pom. Its not overly sweet and it has no vitamin taste. If I could rate it in two words Id say; "its alright!"


Buzz- Probably your typical energy drink/red bull blend made with taurine, caffeine and B vitamins. This seems to be the basic and  most easy route for energy drink company's to take now a' days. 90% rda Vitamin B3. 240% vitamin B6. 80% vitamin B12 and 45% vitamin B12.


Over all rating-4.75/10

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