Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lean: Easta Pink

Such a great line up of flavors, even the grape one was decent and I hate grape.

Taste- An absolute perfect soda. You cant get better than this. I wish I knew how they actually flavored this because its not one bit natural but its so damn delicious and still refreshing. I don't even know how to describe the actual flavor. Its pretty close to the can, like a light creamy pink flavor. When I really concentrate on the flavor I can tell I really haven't had that many drinks this tasty. I have to give this one a ten and I wish I could describe the awesomeness of this drink more to you guys but words cant even do justice.


Sluzz- Made with premium herbs discovered from scientist huh? You mean rose hips and valarien root? Or maybe something extra not listed in the ingredients? Once again I'm drinking one of these when I should be tired anyway, like now at 3:30 in the morning lol. But either way I'm pretty damn tired. This drink also has vitamin Bs but the amounts of everything is unlisted.


Over all rating-7.5/10