Monday, September 21, 2009


Slap, why did you not add this to your new line up? Its so good.

Taste-I knew this would be carbonated, I just had a feeling. Well theres no cream in it, its basically just carbonated coffee and lots of sugar, you think that would be nasty right? No way! This stuff is great. If you have had coke black its kinda like that but way better and way sweeter and none of the cola taste, which is a good thing. Once again slap I am impressed with another unique and delicious drink.


Buzz-Slaps 9.0 multi-stage energy blend gives you sustained energy without a crash but I think that's just fancy talk. 2,729 mgs isomaltulose, taurine, maltidextrin, caffeine, gaurana and yerba mate. Also 270 mgs potassium.


Total amount of mgs-2,856

Over all rating-9/10

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