Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chinese Rocket Fuel: Lo-Carb review by Nick

I'm wondering why Ol' Glory is made in china and Chinese Rocket Fuel is made in Florida, that's just f'd up. I really wish I could get my hands on the original Chinese Rocket Fuel. I'm pretty sure this drink is made to deliberately look like beer. With the silver, blue, and black coloring, this drink can be easily mistaken for a beer can.

- This taste is very inconsistent. The first time i had this drink it tasted like a smoke shop (it's hard to explain, I did buy this drink at one) and had that cough syrup taste to it. The second time i had this drink, it still tasted somewhat like a smoke shop but, the cough syrup taste was gone and it tasted like dust ( no joke, I'm talk real dusk) and on top if that it made my mouth really sticky. That was the mustiest taste I've ever tasted. Strange.
RATING - 4/10

Buzz - This drink doesn't list the amounts of the ingredients. I'm not sure what schizandra does but it couldn't do that much because I've never seen it in other drinks. Your lookin' at a below average buzz here...and i was expecting to "Blast Off!"
RATING - 3.5/10


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