Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Caballo negro

So this is my 500th review,and there is a lot more where that came from.Okay so i was doing some yard work and I was pooped out so I thought hay why don't a drink that Mexican energy drink since I'm doing yard work.

Taste-Basically its just like hooters except these guys added a lot more citric acid which makes it really sour but a good sour not bad and what I mean by just like hooters is the bubble gum taste.So this is just like sour double bubble gum spit mix with 50% red bull.But in an excellent way.


Buzz-I wasn't tired after that yard work,man I felt like doing more...MAN I LOVE ENERGY DRINKS,they make life so much better,they just make everything twice as good.8.8 mgs niacin.5 mgs vit.B5.2 mgs vit.B6.12 mgs vit.B12.1000 mgs taurine.600 mgs glucuronolactone.15 mgs gaurana and ginseng.50 mgs inositol and 120 mgs caffeine.


Total amount of mgs-1,827

Over all rating-7.5/10

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