Saturday, March 28, 2009

FirePower Unleashed: FU review by Nick

Someone at Nitro2Go got the brilliant idea to take their FirePower drink and add the word Unleased to it so they could make the witty acronym FU. They changed the taste a bit but, other than that, this drink is essenially the exact same thing as the Nitro2Go: FirePower.

- This drink tastes a lot like the Nitro2Go: FirePower, which has a taste that is hard to describe; it's like Red Bull + Smarties + something else. When I had this drink, I was chewing some peppermint ice cubes gum, and it tasted amazing but, when Nolan tried it (he didn't have any gum), he said it wasn't that good. I'm still gonig to give this drink an 8 because this drink tasted soo good with that gum.
RATING - 8/10

Buzz - This blend is the same as the Nitro2Go FirePower's. With a 3 can per day limit, this is a pretty decent blend.
RATING - 7.5/10


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