Friday, April 24, 2009

Acute fruit:tangerine apple by Nolan

I got a ton of these in the other day,there are alot of interesting fruit combinations.

Taste-It says tangerine apple,but it tastes more like creamy mango with the after taste of sour grape fruit.It tastes good by all means just doesn't taste like what it says.And by the end the sour grapefruit disappears.


Buzz-Not quiet as brutal as rumba,but close.140% RDA vit.c,2% calcium,50% vit.e,100% vit.b3,190%vit.b6,180% vitb.12,50% vit.b5.1000 mgs taurine,180 mgs yerba mate,150 mgs gaurana,110 mgs caffeine,25 mgs rooibos,25 mgs ginkgo biloba.


Over all rating-7/10

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