Saturday, March 21, 2009

Venom:black mamba by Nolan

Venom is produced by the 7-up and dr pepper company,they need a better name than just 7-up and dr pepper company,my gosh.They skipped the can and went for a resealable heavy aluminum bottle that could withstand a hail of gunfire.

Taste-Almost a redbull clone but different some how,very very very gummie id say it was the most gummie NRG drink until i had the new rockstars.Try it for your self and see what i mean,the smell that comes out of this after you crack open the cap could probley make you pass out its so strong,you can tell by that that this is a strong drink.


Buzz-almost a monster clone on this but its bout 700 mgs short.uhh here it is,1.7 mgs riboflavin,20 mgs niacin,2 mgs vit.b6,6 mgs vit.b12,1 g protien,200 mgs ginseng,3000 mgs taurine,l carbitine,caffeine,guarana,inositol,glucronolactone,maltodextrin.


Total amount of mgs-3,230.7

Over all rating-6/10

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