Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whoopass: Sugar Free

I knew they discontinued the original whoopass awhile ago but didnt know until recently they just changed the drink up completely and it sucks because while I was in Denver I only grabbed the sugar free version because I thought it was just the same drink with a different can. Huge disappointment that changed one of the most awesome cans to this generic looking shit.

Taste- Your typical sugar free energy drink that's trying to be healthy. Its made with green tea for antioxodents and chatechins and you can taste it. It has that "steaz, celcious, starbucks refreshers" type taste to it while trying to pull of a berry flavor. Its nothing like the original sadly which was pure neon "bad for you tasting" energy drink deliciousness.


Buzz- This makes up for all the disappointment here. I was impressed with so many ingredients you don't see often enough in energy drinks. 1000 mgs taurine. 150 mgs l-arginine. 200 mgs l-carnitine. 100 mgs l-lysine and caffeine. 80 mgs green tea polyphenois. 60 mgs green tea catchins. 50 mgs yerba mate and 20 mgs grape polyphenois along with your daily dose of all 4 B vitamins of course. The polyphenois and catechins are great but you could probably get more if you actually drank green tea or had some grapes. The other ingredients are given the correct amount of to give you a quality energy run which would be great for actually using like in sports or fitness.


Total amount of mgs-1769.70

Over all rating-6.5/10

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