Monday, March 26, 2012

Starbucks Refreshers: Raspberry Pomegranate

This is Starbucks. "Hey lets make a crappy healthy energy drink that has nothing to do with coffee because we have lots of money and can do that". If your wondering why the can is crinkled its actually because my brother was biting it, yeah and hes 13. He just teethes of allunimum now.

Taste- Very bland, nothing unexpected. At least its made with real pomegranate and raspberry juices, along with white grape and apple. Carbonated juice has never seemed right to me. Carbonation means a sugary liquid candy treat, juice is something you drink to be healthy. Don't combine the two, it doesn't work. Ever!


Buzz-Made with caffeine from green coffee which is baby coffee beans which means its not very potent at all. It also has b vitamins and ginseng. 25% pantothenic acid and B6. If it only has that much of b vitamins then I can only imagine the little amount of ginseng and caffeine. Sorry Starbucks but its hard to pull off a healthy energy drink. Most were just meant to be unhealthy but drinks like verve are smart, take a lesson from them.


Over all rating-2.75/10

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