Friday, May 22, 2009

Wired:x3000-mango passion fruit by Nolan

Okay I waited for this drink to come to tell you the sad news about taurine.Well just like B12 it does nothing,again that's why they put so much and on the good energy drinks you never find it and they stoped selling it in pills.But this could be true,a natural source of taurine is bull balls..yup bull testicles...think of red bull now.LOLOLOL

Taste-Mango passion fruit? I don't think so,more like wheatyness with some wanna be tropical fruit flavor and maybe some red bull taste thrown in.


Buzz-1,640 mgs taurine,caffeine and inositol.5 mgs vit.B5.4.8 mgs vit.B12.5 mgs vit.B6 and 20 mgs vit.B3.


Total amount of mgs-1,678.4

Over all rating-5.75/10

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