Monday, April 20, 2009

Battery Energy Drink review by Nick

I was pretty surprised when I saw that this drink is partner of the AT&T Williams Formula One Team. I guess nowadays people not only need an energy drink to drive a 1000hp piece of metal but also to talk on the phone.

- This is quite possibly the worst Red Bull clone I've ever had. I makes your mouth incredibly sticky and the flavor has an unpleasant sharpness to it. I actually had a hard time finishing off this little 11.2oz can.
RATING - 2/10

Buzz - Now batteries should have good energy, right? I mean it's a battery...Well it kinda does. This 'battery' has: 1326mg of taurine, 106mg of caffeine, 297% daily value of B6, 55% daily value of B12, and 132% daily value of Niacin. This is blend seems kinda strong but you have to remember that this is a 11.2 oz can.
RATING - 5.5/10



  1. What the fuck, this is an awesome energy drink. tastes so goood