Monday, March 16, 2009

Lost:five-o by Nolan

This is just monster kaos with wanna bes losts picture on it.Lost is getting all the credit for a drink monster let them use.

Taste-Its 50% juice,hence the name five-0.You think that would taste bad right?Well if you think that way you are highly mistaken my friend because when you mix the juices that this contains with regular monster,you get the perfect energy drink.It doesn't really taste like juice at all.


Buzz-This drink is great cuzz you get a hearty serving of juice and great energy that all tastes has the monster energy blend minus 200 mgs of glucose,glucuronolactone,panax ginseng,caffeine,l carnitine,guarana and maltodextrin.Plus 210 mgs of vit.a from da juice.So ha monster couldn't give them all the credit.


Total amount of energy mgs-3,624.6

Over all rating-8.5/10

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