Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lean: Yella

Holla at cha boy yella.

Taste- I love it! Its so fruity, its the absolout best of all the yellow fruits out there. Its a mixture of pinnapple flavor and melon and I know its not natural at all but it sure tastes like it. This is way better than the pineapple pop from fanta. This is one of the drinks that actually tastes like the nector of the gods. I did not expect this to be that good, and you know how few drinks I give a ten. This drink is very close, it cant get any better but once again it has to blow my mind 5,000 feet for a ten rating.


Sluzz- Made with premium herbs discovered from scientist huh? You mean rose hips and valarien root? Or maybe something extra not listed in the ingredients? Once again I'm drinking one of these when I should be tired anyway, like now at 3:30 in the morning lol. But either way I'm pretty damn tired. This drink also has vitamin Bs but the amounts of everything is unlisted.


Over all rating-7.25/10

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