Tuesday, March 31, 2009

24-7 by Nolan

As taurine rules says this is the cheap mans monster,well at walgreens this was just as much as the monster and your better off with monster.This is the most plain can Ive ever seen.
Taste-I don't even know,its just sugar to me,24-7s have the record for the most sugary drinks ever and trust me do not drink this when your dehydrated or thirsty.I haven't had a monster in forever but I guess this would sorta resemble it,and they do use good ol sugar so that's a plus.
Buzz-Pshhh all it has is 76% RDA vitamin b6.
Over all rating-4/10


  1. A real bust of an "energy drink" (if it can even be called that).

    Also as a warning do NOT try 24:7 Cherry Berry, that was the worst drink I've ever had (the only one I ever poured out before finishing the whole thing)

  2. actually it has 160 mgs of caffeine. and it also has taurine, glucoronolactone, and niacin(vitamin b3)