Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nos:loaded cherry

I wish you guys could see me when I find a new drink worth drinking. I usually flip out and start giving high fives and hugs. Sometimes more, depends on the drink.

Taste-Wow that was intense! It starts out straight up doctor pepper (more like then you get an extreme cherry taste. Its like cherry doctor pepper but a lot more flavorful! This drink packs a wallop of flavor and if you like cherry you will spin babushkas for this.


Buzz-100% RDA vitamin b6 and b12 and 130 mgs caffeine.


Over all rating-6/10


  1. i didn't know they had cherry nos!

  2. 260 mg caffeine per can

  3. I loved this, and it definitely gave me energy, never crashed. Their Fruit Punch is even better. I rarely drink energy drinks, but this is a good one for a treat.

  4. OMG it is sooo good. Just moved away from the city and I think I might die if I cant find it locally soon.

  5. Love the loaded cherry, dont care for reg NOS, will try fruit punch

  6. just came to canada called electric cherry. starts off cold and watery then sour cherrys 2 regylar cherries and long after taste of the same. Its great but original nos is best