Saturday, July 25, 2009


Again headed to the west on my girly bike with a girly energy drink,but I'm still alive.But man the ghetto is the place to find new or (old) drinks.They stoped making this 3 years ago but I found it.My uncle had one and said it tastes the same as the old tab they had when he was a kid.

Taste-If you find one of these smell it because it smells EXACTLY like play dough.But the taste on the other hand was a light berry kind of unique tasting drink,but instead of sugar free bitterness you get chalkiness but a good kind of chalkiness.No its not perfect but it is something new and different.


Buzz-785 mgs taurine.116 mgs ginseng.19 mgs carnitine and .90 mgs gaurana.Where is the caffeine? .90 mgs of gaurana isnt going to get the job done.


Total amount of mgs-920

Over all rating-6.25/10

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