Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ed hardy:orange by Nolan

Id never heard of ed hardy be4 the drink,there is still 4 more to review but il get to em later.Each can has the same design you would think each can should have a different tattoo.

Taste-This is an odd one.It gets really foamy when you swallow it and when your about halfway done with the can you get this taste that tastes like blood that lingers in your throat.It doesn't taste bad its just really hard to enjoy.I know i have had this exact same taste and experience with some other drink or drinks that were also orange.


Buzz-its alright.1000 mgs taurine,100% RDA vit.c,100% RDA vit.b12,100% RDA riboflavin,250% RDA vit.b6,50% RDA pantothenic acid,100% RDA niacin.


Total amount of mgs-1,000

Over all rating-5.5/10

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