Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sport Shake: Strawberry review by Nick

An Energy Milk Shake, you don't see that everyday. How can a milk shake trilogy be complete without strawberry?

- This 'milk shake' tastes like a strawberry milk shake, I really can't describe it much further than that. This one does leave a bit of sticky taste in your mouth, not a lot but, it does. Every so often you catch a sour taste (this is not too pleasant). The taste is not very consistent, one sip may be good then, the next may be sour then, the next may be sticky, it fluctuates a lot.
RATING - 7/10

Buzz - This drink is more of a meal-in-a-can/weight management drink than an energy drink. This blend reflects this by not containing any of the traditional ingredients that all energy drinks have like: Caffeine, Taurine, etc. But, this does still have a lot of vitamins.
RATING - 3/10


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