Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rockstar: Recovery - Tea & Lemonade

These drinks came out of nowhere. I had just seen one picture last week of the bubbleberry one and totally forgot about it and them BAM! I see these at a ghetto ass gas station.

Taste-I believe this is their take on monster rehab's drink so lets see how it compares. The rockstar iced evidently fell through (I don't know why, it was better than this) and this came out. It has more of a tea taste than monsters which can be a good or bad thing because more flavor is always better but not when it tastes like nestea lemon pre mix. You can tell this isn't the real deal and its not as refreshing as monsters rehab. It isn't bad and if you like nestea's powder mix and you always make it with an extra scoop you will love this because it is the same thing in a nutshell. Also this is sugar free of course so I cant give it too much hate.


Buzz-Rockstar always changes it up with their drinks, but its never really ever better. This recovery drink has 1000 mgs taurine compared to 100 in the other drinks. 100 mgs caffeine compared to 80 in the other drinks 120 mgs ginseng compared to 25 in the other drinks and 25 mgs milk thistle. All 4 of your B vitamins Some electrolytes and no prickly pear. Not bad, I'm liking the amount of ginseng, taurine and just the right amount of caffeine for a "sports" energy drink. Still nothing compared to rehabs. Sorry rockstar, no matter how hard you try you will never beat monster.


Over all rating-7.25/10

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